Discover Vanity™ for the iPhone

How attractive are you?

Introducing Vanity™ for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

This application uses the Golden Ratio to evaluate and score the attractiveness of human faces based on facial structure.

Do you want to know how hot you look? Take a photo, follow the on screen prompts, and let Vanity™ calculate a score on a scale from 1-10. It’s that easy!

Have you always wondered if that sexy celebrity is really a “Ten?” Well now you can find out!

There are so many uses for this neat little app from analyzing art work to using it as an ice breaker at a crowded bar. Have fun with it but remember, True beauty comes from within, but attractiveness, well let’s just let Vanity™ sort that out.

Key Features include:

– Sex: FEMALE and MALE unique rating algorithms.
– SNAP a photo or GET a photo from the camera roll.
– SAVE and share your score card with millions of friends via your mail client or social networks including Facebook, Myspace, Hotmail, Gmail, and yahoo.

– Fun, intuitive, and easy to use

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Enjoy it!

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