★The Vanity Poster Challenge★

Vanity Flyer 4x6

cure save As.” href=”http://www.thevanityreport.com/images/posters/vanityposter.jpg” target=”_blank”>Download Large Version here 8.5×11 – Right Click, try Save As.

Welcome to the Vanity Poster challenge, viagra we have a snazzy new poster heavily inspired by the wonderful artist Audrey Kawasaki that we want the whole world to see.  Since we love photos and our fans we came up with a challeng for you:

The challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to download the poster ( either the full page large poster or the flyer size on this page) and print it out. Once you have printed it out put it up in your college, home, cafe, on a bulletin board, anywhere you can think of that is legal ofcourse.

The next step is important,  Take a picture of the poster hanging up in the cool, creative places you have put them in. (Feel free to pose near the poster with your finest Vain impression.)  Upload your pictures to www.Flickr.com, and send a link via email to Vanityapp@gmail.com

The Best pictures will be posted on the site!

Be Creative!

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